The Genuine Company Limited is the world's leading producer 
of children's illustrated maps and educational products. 

Back in 1996, we started producing children's illustrated maps - Dino's maps. 
The essential idea was to create a fun, richly illustrated and above all 
educational product for children.

Over the years, Dino's maps and educational products have been constantly developed to meet the highest
 standards of quality, gradually becoming state of the art products 
that won world renowned awards. 

« Our mission is to spark our children's interest in learning! « 

The experience of learning is one of the most important components that define us as individuals and
unlock our hidden talents. We wanted to make this pursuit of knowledge a fun one. 

Our products challenge children to be inquisitive and explore various scientific and 
educational facts through a series of exciting vibrant illustrations. 

The quality content of each map is composed of scientific facts, curiosities and trivia that have been carefully
selected by a team of experts (in the fields of geography, ethnology, geology, architecture,food, astronomy,
zoology, palaeontology, history, music, art, mythology, transportation etc.) and serve as 
inspiration for the wonderful hand drawn illustrations. 

In this process of extensive work and collaboration, series of drawings are created.
Only the best ones are selected to be made a part of our products. 
Our hand drawn illustrations have a cartoon-like quality 
and are self-sufficient works of art that depict numerous humorous sketches. 

Dino's maps and educational products have been translated into over 
30 languages and are being sold worldwide.

Have fun exploring our illustrated world!

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